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Bratz Makeover Games for Party

Bratz Makeover Games for Party

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Cool Bratz dress up game will have you dressing up your doll of choice in the most elegant way possible and gearing them up for an party day ahead. Enjoy dressing up the Bratz dolls, diva, petz! Choos bratz doll Cole, Sasha, Jade,Yasmin.See screenshots in post Bratz model_makeover game instruction and screenshots.
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eryncSexboync said: December 27, 2015    
CHARLOTTE shared dora dress up games with me, so cool games,I love it!I share with all my friends.

Guest said: January 11, 2013    
I love bratz,not barbie,more fashion!

staramari said: October 11, 2012    

sophia said: August 27, 2012    
you do i want it but i can not people said it is fun

kaitlyn said: August 11, 2012    
i wish there was a bratz game that u could do a makeover on a brats girl and then u could actuly walk around on your bratz girl

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