Yasmina Clairvoya, Bratzillaz Doll Profile

Yasmina Clairvoya has a special magical ability to see into the future and can help show you what lies ahead in your future as well! Just gaze into her beautiful yellow eyes and you’ll understand how truly UNIQUE Yasmina really is!
But Yasmina’s ability to foretell what is to come is not her only talent as she also knows how to glam it up with her purple braided hair, gold and purple dress and stylish earrings and boots to match. It’s no wonder her little pet Winkers loves to be around her!

MAGIC POWER: Sees into the future
WITCHMARK: Egyptian Eye
FAVE PET: Winkers
FAVE CLASS: Purses & Potions
FASHION PASSION: Vintage Romantic.
This is the original first release of the Yasmina Clairvoya doll.
Yasmina has fully articulated head, hands, arms and legs that make her easily poseable and fun to play with.
Comes with broom brush, gold monocle and doll stand.

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