Valentine’s Day Introduction and Gift Ideas

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Valentine's Day Introduction

It's February and it's time to move on to the next big holiday, Valentine's Day!  Which gift is your wish? Flowers, chocolate, or jewelry?

Saint Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day is a saints day commemorating Saint Valentine on February 14. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other.Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.

History of Valentine's Day

February has long been a month of romance. St. Valentine's Day contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.

Three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, the Roman emperors still demanded that everyone believe in the Roman gods. Valentine, a Christian priest, had been thrown in prison for his teachings. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded, not only because he was a Christian, but also because he had performed a miracle. He supposedly cured the jailer's daughter of her blindness. The night before he was executed, he wrote the jailer's daughter a farewell letter, signing it "From Your Valentine." Another legend tells us that this same Valentine, well-loved by all, received notes to his jail cell from children and friends who missed him.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day  is a day of lovers and lot of gifts are exchanged between the two. Here are few gift ideas for this auspicious occasion.

Flowers : The Valentine flower will say all that you have probably never expressed.A red rose is considered to be the universal symbol of beauty and love. Red rose has always been associated with strong feelings of love and romance. Red, pink and white roses are the most sort after Valentine Flowers. Red rose symbolizes passion, white purity and the pink rose is a blend of both.

Bunny Heart Pillow : You can also express your feeling to your loved ones by a red heart shaped pillow with a cute bunny face stitched on the top. This lovely soft toy proves to be an absolutely rollicking gift idea.Your loved one can use this soft pillow to dream about you or simply can keep it as a memorabilia.

Musical Heart Soft Toy : This soft toy is an excellent valentine gift. Select a nice cuddlesome heart which says 'I love You' when pressed in-between and gift it to your sweetheart. This soft toy gift is a perfect way to propose on the Valentine's Day. This cute and adorable valentine gift will always be precious to your sweetheart.

The Book of Love : If you have been together for a few years and love each other profusely and in these intimate years you sent him/her so many mails as expressions to your love. Well this Valentine relive all those cherished memorable years. Take a print out of all the love letters and bind it in the form of a book. Gift it to your sweetheart and show that love is not just about the present but also about the memorable past moment.

Perfume : Perfume is a perfect Valentine gift for the most handsome man of your life. Select a nice perfume for your man or woman and make the Valentine a dazzled world of fragrance and love. There are many brands available in the market. So you can select what suits your sweetheart. This Valentine gift never goes wrong and is a perfect expression to your love.

Jewelry: This Valentine's Day, let one of our fine jewelry hearts tell that special someone everything you want to say in one perfect symbol. 

Cards: Design a Valentine's day card yourself, it's a good idea, tell your partner that you love she or he so much!

On, we collected many Valentine's day card templates for you and you can design one right now!

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