The Bratz phenomenon Cross Show


Bratz dolls were marketed as Barbie for the image conscious generation. Now, however, it seems old Barbie may have the last laugh, after a US court banned the production of her rival. 


Bratz designer Carter Bryant was found guilty of developing the brand while still working for Barbie creator Mattel. Barbie herself turned 50 last month and is said to be the best-selling toy of all-time.

Barbie VS. Bratz, who is your favorite doll?


Bratz tapped into the lucrative "tween" market – not quite little girl, not yet teen. The dolls' looks were crucial, often coming with "tons of makeover accessories" like this one.


Even "tiny girls with a passion for fashion" were catered for, with Itsy Bitsy Bratz for younger fans. But, as with this doll – Cloe's Tanning Bed – they often touched on adult themes, causing controversy.


Bratz spawned television shows and video games. But with their hip-skimming, midriff-baring outfits, some parents and psychologists accused them of fuelling the sexualisation of young girls.


Not that controversy stood in their way. In 2007, Bratz even got the Hollywood treatment, turning them into film stars. In the movie, they take on the nasty girl in school who tries to split them up.


Bratz Jade girl- Janel Parrish

Bratz Yasimin girl- Nathalia Ramos

Bratz Cloe girl- Skyler Shaye

The film starred four real life Bratz – American teens Nathalia Ramos, Janel Parrish, Logan Browning and Skyler Shaye. Unfortunately, it was later nominated for worst picture at the annual Razzie awards.


The Bratz phenomenon cashed in on the explosion in celebrity culture. Here, guitarist Richie Sambora and actress Denise Richards pose with the dolls at a charity event organised by Elton John.


But despite being pushed aside for a while by the young pretender, it seems Barbie lives to fight another day. Bratz parent company MGA Entertainment could now have to remove all the dolls from shops.

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