The Bratz Genie Magic Collection Show

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The Bratz dolls are one of the most popular fashion dolls on the market today. With a wide range of styles, looks and personalities, these dolls range from the modern princesses to the sportive dolls and, at the same time, they worry parents regarding the apparent message that they are promoting. One of the new releases of the Bratz series, which also presents a lot of success, is the Bratz Genie Magic Doll. Basically, this Bratz genie magic doll is a modern fortuneteller that has genie equipment such as a glass ball, a genie outfit and plenty of jewelry, just like an original genie from the Arabian and Indian old fairytales.

The Bratz genie magic dolls come with various accessories, such as a long necklace, a second pair of shoes (which come together with the attached new pair of feet), another outfit made of a top and a pair of jeans – for a modern genie – and, of course, the famous genie bottle and the glass ball. Even more, there is also the Bratz genie magic bottle with Katia, which basically includes an oversized bottle which is used as a home for the genie Bratz doll and the actual doll named Katia (this particular collection presents the doll Katia for the first time).

The other famous Bratz dolls, such as the blonde Yasmin or the exotic Sasha, adopt different looks and distinctive interpretations of the genie style. While Sasha exposes various tattoos on her body and it is dressed in a red outfit made up of a long folded skirt and a tank top, the Yasmin doll has a pink outfit with tight and high-heeled boots as an accessory. Still, the variety of the Bratz genie magic dolls dust stop here: there is also the platinum blonde genie called Cloe, the redheaded Meygan and the brunette called Jade, which also wears tattoos on the arms and legs.

The Bratz genie magic collection also includes a new DVD with the same name, which contains five songs from the Bratz movie and nine songs from the TV series, which made the new brand even more popular, as it reached high numbers in the Kid Audio show and even in U.S. Billboard top 200. With a lot of controversial reviews especially coming from parents worried by the general message that these dolls are sending and with an increased popularity on the market, due to the preferences of young girls, theBratz Genie Magic Dolls manage to be one of the most famous collections of childrens' toys.

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