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Sashabella Paws, Bratzillaz Doll Profile

Sashabella Paws LOVES animals and has the magical abilities to communicate with the animal world in her own special ways. She learned more about communicating with animals at the Academy and can speak in many exotic animal languages!
Sashabella is also one of the most glam witches you will ever see with her pretty pink glitter dress, stylish green leggings and the most awesome cape with faux fur accents! And to top it off, Sashabella has the most beautiful mesmerizing cat-like eyes!

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Cloetta Spelletta, Bratzillaz Dolls Profile


Cloetta Spelletta is one of the coolest Glam cousins of the Bratz and can transform herself into just about anything! She loves to be unique and show you that there are two sides to her and you. Check out her two different colored eyes, dress and boots along with the most awesome mismatched earings you’ll ever see!

Cloetta’s Witchmark is the ‘Moon and Stars’ (which you will find on her shoulder) and she has extraordinary magical powers that are beyond imagination!


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