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Take you to play the bratz makerover game

First introduce the game, it is a bratz makeover game.


In this bratz model makeover games, first pick your girl, Cloe, Jade, Sasha or Yasmin. I choosed this black hair girl. then choose Taps, battern, shoes for the bratz girl.



Now Make the cover! go, Bratz girl now is on the bratz magzine cover, on the left, you can input your infomation, I typed wellcome, bratzdressup.net enjoy our bratz games online!!!4

Is it a cool bratz makeover game? play it now on http://www.bratzdressup.net/games/49-bratz.html

Bratz games – Bratz model_makeover game instruction and screenshots

Bratz model makeover game is a bratz makeover game, and also a bratz style game.


1.pick the bratz you want to style.
2.first you must wash and dry her hair.
2.click on the tabs to give your bratz a super style makeover.

bratz-games-Bratz model_makeover game instruction and screenshots-1 

next step: select a bratz doll, sasha? jade? yasmin? cloe? I selected bratz yasmin

 bratz-games-Bratz model_makeover game instruction and screenshots-2

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Help bratz fashion girl to design her bedroom. a warm bedroom is important. who will be the best bratz bedroom designer?

Bratz Bedroom Designers


Bratz Bedroom Designers