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Bratz Apps Reviews

Being a big fans of Bratz, maybe you wish to play bratz games on your iphone, ipad and other mobile phone. Yes, MGAE and some other companies created a lot of bratz apps for fashion girls.

Now in Apple App Store, total 11 Bratz apps. Including Bratz, bratz action heroez, makeover salon – bratz edition, kiss in the party – bratz edition, beauty salon – bratz edition, beauty studio – bratz edition, bratz cam lite, Spa Salon – Bratz Edition, Bratz Style Starz Auto-Tune, Bratz :fashion Match!, Bratz Cam.




Developer: MGA Entertainment, Inc.© MGA Entertainment, Inc.

Support: iPhone、iPad、iPod touch 

For 4+ years kids

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Cool Bratz Birthday Cakes designing show

Hi girl, being a bratz fans, have you think to design a bratz birthday cake yourself? Here some cool designs.

bratz-birthday-cakes-1 bratz-birthday-cakes-16

bratz-birthday-cakes-11 bratz-birthday-cakes-10

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Bratz boyz coloring pages top 5 pictures

How many do you know bratz boyz,  Eitan, Dylan, Cameron…,which is your favorite boy?

you can find bratz boyz wallpapers here:Bratz Boyz Wallpapers Collection of 19 wallpapers.

bratz-boyz-coloring-pages-printable-1 bratz-boyz-coloring-pages-printable-2 bratz-boyz-coloring-pages-printable-3

bratz-boyz-coloring-pages-printable-4 bratz-boyz-coloring-pages-printable-5

Top 11 Bratz Coloring Pages printable online


Bratzdressup.net collected top 11 bratz coloring pages of characters Yasmin, Sasha, Jade, Cloe. you can open these bratz colouring pages in a new windows, then save it and print it.

bratz_coloring_pages_018 bratz-coloring-pages-printable-8 bratz-coloring-pages-printable-9

bratz-coloring-pages-to-print-1 bratz-coloring-pages-to-print-2 bratz-coloring-pages-to-print-3

bratz-coloring-pages-to-print-4 bratz-coloring-pages-to-print-5

bratz-coloring-pages-to-print-6 bratz-coloring-pages-to-print-7

Bratz fashion pixiez Movie and song tracking


Bratz fashion pixiez Roles:

Cymbeline, Cloe, and Yasmin, Sasha, Breeana(Bratz Fashion Pixiez Sasha,Breeana character in the movie Bratz Fashion Pixiez )


Fashion Pixiez is the fourth album released from the wildly popular Bratz doll franchise. It features songs from the Bratz's feature film Fashion Pixiez and the Bratz TV series. you can see bratz movie list here:bratz movies list in order.

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