Sashabella Paws, Bratzillaz Doll Profile

Sashabella Paws LOVES animals and has the magical abilities to communicate with the animal world in her own special ways. She learned more about communicating with animals at the Academy and can speak in many exotic animal languages!
Sashabella is also one of the most glam witches you will ever see with her pretty pink glitter dress, stylish green leggings and the most awesome cape with faux fur accents! And to top it off, Sashabella has the most beautiful mesmerizing cat-like eyes!

MAGIC POWER: Can communicate with animals
FAVE PET: Fluffinscruff
FAVE CLASS: Exotic Animal Languages
FASHION PASSION: Fierce faux fur
This is the very first Sashabella Paws doll released by MGA.
Fully articulating hands, arms and legs make Sashabella easy to pose and unique from all other dolls.
Sashabella comes with her very own broom hair brush, witch hat, doll stand and magic spell card!

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