Rock Angelz: Ready to Rock! (Bratz)

bratz rock

The Bratz are ready to rock your world! The Bratz Rock Angelz collection brings you the Bratz girls at their best, setting the bar for music trends as well as fashion trends. Of course, the Bratz girls are always at the top when it comes to fashion, making theBratz Rock Angelz the best-dressed musicians around. They are ready to take the stage and rule the spotlight!

The Bratz girls show a new side in the Rock Angelz collection, moving from pretty girl fashions to punk rock diva status, proving that they can take any look and make it their own. Each of the Bratz Rock Angelz takes their own spin on the punk image, infusing their personalities into their new looks. Each doll comes with two outfits, accessories, and a special 2-song mini CD of music by that girl. They even come with a miniature stage and a microphone stand to make their rock star debut!

Cloe steps away from her 'nice girl' image to take a walk on the wild side as one of the Bratz Rock Angelz. Her black leather jacket, knee high red boots, and red embroidered jeans enhance her rock girl image, but it is her Rock Angelz midriff shirt and her tattooed stomach that really give her a punk edge.

Jade also sports a black leather jacket, with brown trim, along with a pair of pin striped bellbottom jeans with frayed cuffs and rips along the legs. White boots match the white streaks in her hair, finishing her look that lives up to her "Kool Kat" nickname.

Yasmin goes from Pretty Princess to Rock and Roll Princess with her black, white, and red leather jacket and sparkly, embroidered jeans, and black heels.

Sasha does her thing with a black and red leather jacket that is accented with black lacing along the sides and sleeves. Her jeans have strips of red along the legs with metal studs in them, matching her red boots.

Making a guest appearance with the girls is one of the Bratz Boyz, Eitan. He is rocking it with a blue and white head bandana, a black spiked choker and bracelet, to match his black shoes and studded belt. He also wears a black Rock Angelz crew shirt, and baggy gray and blue pants.

Of course, that is not all for the Bratz Rock Angelz collection! Not only can you put on your own smash hit rock concert with the Bratz girls, you can help them get ready for their big performance with the Bratz Fashion Makeover play sets. Choose from Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, Sasha and Roxxi, to help make them look their best. These girls come with eye shadow, body glitter, nail polish, and lip gloss to give you everything you need to turn them into total rock star material. You can style their long hair, and even add tattoos to give them that super-edgy punk fashion. You can even make yourself over so you can make your debut like one of the Bratz Rock Angelz too!

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