Moxie Girlz Introduction


Who are Moxie Girlz?

Type: Fashion doll
Inventor: Isaac Larian
Company: MGA Entertainment
Country: United States
Availability: 2009–on going
Materials: Plastics Fabrics

Moxie Girlz is a line of fashion dolls introduced by MGA Entertainment in 2009. These dolls are targeted at girls ages 6+. The four original 10.6-inch dolls are named Lexa, Bria, Avery, and Sophina, with others named Kellan, Monet, Merin, Ida, and Amberly.

The Moxie dolls are reminiscent of Bratz, having the distinct pop on/off feet and long hair, but with features consisting of large eyes and proportioned noses and mouths fitting to their head-size. Moxie Girls were meant to replace Bratz, given that Mattel sued MGA over the original design.

What is Moxie? Moxie Means? [mok – see]

1.Positive attitude and confidence.
2.The courage to go for it.
3.Energy in everything you do.

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