Meygana Broomstix, Bratzillaz Dolls Profile

Meygana Broomstix has the ability to FLY but did you know she has the power to MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE too?
Meygana is truly the most glamorous Flying Witch you will ever see with her amazingly beautiful red hair, spectacular shining blue eyes and an outfit only a Bratzillaz Fashionista could pick out! Meygana is truly stunning!


MAGIC POWER: Helps you fly
FAVE PET: Wingzy
FAVE CLASS: Broom Gymnastics
FASHION PASSION: Sporty Supernatural

This is the first release of the Meygana Broomstix doll from MGA.
Meygana has fully articulating arms, legs and head that make posing super easy and life-like.
A great doll for all ages….collectible and super fun!

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