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Christmas Decorating Ideas 2015

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Christmas card printable for girls

Bratzdressup.Net collected many christmas cards pictures, you can print them then write your message and send to you friends. Design a cool special christmas card is funny, you can use these template to begin your designing.

christmas-card-happy-kids christmas-card-happy-kids-1 christmas-card-merry-christmas-1 christmas-card-merry-christmas-2 christmas-card-merry-christmas-lettering christmas-card-merry-christmas-lettering-1 christmas-card-merry-christmas-lettering-2 christmas-card-merry-christmas-lettering-3 merry-christmas-snow-cards-1 merry-christmas-snow-cards-2 merry-christmas-snow-cards-3

Top 10 Christmas songs

Christmas coming! That means mince pies, marathon TV-watching sessions and, yes, Christmas songs. Although you might have heard some of the anthems below so many times before that you'll want to want to perforate your eardrums with a candy cane – don't! You'll regret it later, and many festive pop songs are great works of art. If you really, properly listen to our countdown of the Top 10 festive tunes, you might just find your heart filling up with Christmas joy. 

Top 10 Christmas songs

Mariah Carey – 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

It’s not the best-selling Christmas anthem (that’s Bing at number five) and heck, it didn’t even make it to Number One in the UK, but Mariah tops our list of the greatest ever festive songs for one good reason – it’s catchier than a Christmas cold. Originally released in 1994, this selfless plea to be with a loved one has everything: sleigh bells, pop hooks, the right balance of schmaltz and soul, and uplifting vibes strong enough to launch a jump-jet. Sure, Wham! know their way around a chart-topper, but who wants to think about being jilted by an ex in the holidays? Darlene Love’s classic at number four shares a similar sentiment, but her bluesy howl can’t replicate the gaiety of Mariah’s falsetto. Nor can The Pogues’ rasping Shane MacGowan for that matter. The acid test of a great Christmas song is whether you get bored of it, and this one, we’re sure, is for life.

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Christmas tree decoration with unique design ideas

Christmas tree decoration with unique design ideas, you can send your design to us.

christmas-tree-decoration-awesome-1 christmas-tree-decoration-awesome-2 christmas-tree-decoration-awesome-3

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The story of santa claus introduce and watch online


The story of santa claus

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Santa coloring pages printable for kids looking for christmas santa claus coloring pages to print

Santa also called Santa claus, he gives kids gifts when christmas eve, all kids love santa.

here some santa coloring pages pintable for kids, hope you enjoy them.

santa-claus-coloring-page-printable-4 santa-claus-coloring-page-printable-7

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