How To Color Printable Bratz Coloring Pages?

How To Color Printable Bratz Coloring Pages?

Bratzdressup.Net collected plenty of bratz coloring pages online, but how to color these coloring pages and how to print bratz coloring pages?

Barbie coloring pages

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Dora the explorer coloring pages

Bratz coloring pages

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First, where to find coloring pages?

Drawing and coloring are many kids' favorite activities. If your child shows an increased interest in art through painting or drawing, then improving this skill is possible through many innovative and creative ways and techniques. There are many coloring book pages on the market, but if your daughter is familiar with the Bratz dolls and is fond of their appearance and style, then Bratz printable coloring pages may be a creative solution.

Bratz printable coloring pages can be found in the form of official Bratz coloring books or as downloadable pages on various websites,such as our  

After selecting and printing the favorite character of your child form the Bratz printable coloring pages, then you should select the right coloring equipment: avoid the rough wax crayons and the paintbrushes, as coloring the clothing of the dolls requires a lot of care for the details. Instead, chose regular colored crayons and some colored markers for the accentuated parts.

The next step is to observe the characters on the pages – they are actual dolls, such as Yasmin, Meygan, Roxy or Cloe, which have specific features. Your child has 2 options: to color the character as the actual doll, respecting the color of the doll's hair, eyes and clothes, trying to make it look like a picture of the doll itself or to color the doll regardless of the character and trying to be as creative as can be. If your daughter decided to be original and creative with the Bratz printable coloring pages, then the first thing that should be done is to lightly color the skin of the character in a pale beige or light pink.

After that, your child should color (without pushing the crayon hard) all the other wide surfaces, such as the hair and clothing pieces, using just one color for each of the surfaces delimitated by the black lines. At the end of the coloring, all these lightly colored surfaces can be darken (around edges or considering the shadows), using the same crayon (only pushing it harder this time) or the most appropriate one in a darker tone or an appropriate marker.

Many of these characters have clothes with applications or accessories that need coloring, too. The prints on the clothes should be colored in other colors than the rest of the cloth, keeping in mind to match the colors and using the most specific Bratz colors: purple, intense pink and cyclamen, turquoise and red. The prints are best colored if using darker or more intense tones than the actual cloth, for a good optical contrast.

After coloring them, the Bratz printable coloring pages can be displayed on walls, windows or any other surfaces, so that all your guests and friends can admire the artistic skills of your child. Whether it is a family project or a creative task that your child does alone, coloring the Bratz pages is a fun way of spending the time and, at the same, it improves your child’s artistic skills and, why not, talents for fashion and clothing design.

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