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Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Celebration Wallpapers Collection

Happy birthday, Hello Kitty! 40 years ago, Japanese product-design and licensing company Sanrio was looking for its first animal character.There were already too many bears in the market and a world-famous dog called Snoopy. So Hello Kitty was born.


Rizzoli had wrote a book Hello Kitty Collaborations (Releasing April 14, 2014 for Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary).

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Hello Kitty Halloween Coloring Pages for girls

Hello kitty say happy halloween day to you,girls.

Hello Kitty Halloween Coloring Pages free printable for your holiday.

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Top 15 Hello Kitty Wallpapers for girls

We collected 15 hello kitty wallpapers with blue,pink,red,black color, also I love you series. hope you enjoy it. don't forget to share with your friends.

hello-kitty-wallpapers-girls-1 hello-kitty-wallpapers-girls-2 hello-kitty-wallpapers-girls-3 hello-kitty-wallpapers-girls-4

hello-kitty-wallpapers-girls-5 hello-kitty-wallpapers-girls-6 hello-kitty-wallpapers-girls-7 hello-kitty-wallpapers-girls-8

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8 hello kitty glitter graphics for girls online free

We collected 8 hello kitty glitter graphics for Myspace, Orkut and Hi5! With the help of this portal you will find practically any hello-kitty to add to your profile, share with a friend or apply in your blogs & comments.

hello-kitty-glitters-001 hello-kitty-glitters-002 hello-kitty-glitters-003

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Hello kitty coloring pages printable 6

Hello kitty coloring pages printable collected here,  you can print it and share with your friends.enjoy it.

printable-Hello-Kitty-Coloring-Pages-121 printable-Hello-Kitty-Coloring-Pages-122 printable-Hello-Kitty-Coloring-Pages-123

printable-Hello-Kitty-Coloring-Pages-124 printable-Hello-Kitty-Coloring-Pages-125 printable-Hello-Kitty-Coloring-Pages-126