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Other good websites to find more Dora Coloring Pages online

Fans of the Dora the Explorer Show or going to see Dora Live? If so you will enjoy the free printable Dora coloring pages found in the links below. Some of the free online printable coloring pages include the other characters from the Dora the Explorer show including: Dora, Boots the Monkey, Benny the Bull, Swiper the Fox, Isa the Iguana, and Dora's backpack and the map.

1、 has a special channel of Dora Coloring Pages, colleted many dora seiries coloring pages.For example, dora and boots having a party with balloons

2. Coloring Book Fun: They have over 20 free printable Dora and friends coloring pages. You can find a "You Did It" printable certificate great for day care or preschool teachers, just print and fill in the child's name. There are coloring pages to print of Dora's star friends that go in backpacks star pocket.

3. Kids Color Pages: Has many printables of Dora the Explorer. When you first go to the site it appears like the pages are dot to dots, they are not. Once you click on the thumbnail you will see they are full size regular coloring pages to print. There is a coloring page that has Dora and Boots in a hot air balloon. 

4. Cartoon Watcher/Dora: Here you will find Dora the Explorer in many different coloring pages scenes. Dora with her mom, Dora in a bunny costume, a printable of Dora and her cousin Diego, Dora on ice-skates and many more.

5. Coloring Book Pages: Is another one whose thumbnails look like they are dot-to-dot but they are not. Although they do have a Dora Dot-to-Dot coloring page, and two mazes with Dora and Boots in a boat plus other free Dora coloring pages.

Final, when you looking for Dora coloring pages, we think you will all love other characters coloring page, etc.Bratz doll, barbie doll, hello kitty…, all these can be found on our

Girls Game Salon for cute girls website


Title: Girls Game Salon

Site description: Cute games for cute girls. including girls dress up games, decoration games, makeover game.

A cool website collecting Barbie makeover games


title: Barbie makeover games
Site description: This website is working already for 2 years. We provide only high quality flash games for girls. Parents always want to have nice website with plenty of games, so, here it is the last choice for them. Try our website, where you can see Barbie games, Barbie makeover games and other funny girl games. – the Official website of Barbie

In the late 1990s, computer technology boomed, and in 1996, Mattel launched, the official Barbie website. In 1998, My Design™ was introduced on the site, allowing girls and collectors to decide what their Barbie doll friend would look like by choosing her hair/eye/makeup colors, fashions, accessories, and personality traits! Today, Barbie Collectibles has a website all its own, The collector line now even has a dedicated online store at