Cymbeline, Breeana’s sister in the movie Bratz Fashion Pixiez


In the previous article, we introduced the character Breeana in the movie Bratz Fashion Pixiez, a nother main character is Cymbeline and Cymbeline is Breeana's older sister.

Cymbeline has nice brownish aburn hair and pale green eyes and she is seen with a black shirt with one wing on the middle and green sleeves with a green skirt. Under the skirt has jeans and she also wears flats or boots. Cymbeline is first seen with a glare on her face and complaining what she wants for her birthday. Cymbeline was caring and kind and close to her sister and the Bratz and somehow she has turned sassy and bratty. 

However Cymbeline has betrayed her family over wings and left her sister when they were trapped by Lina. Her father made her wings dissappear and the spell was broken. Lina was angry and hurt Cymbeline. Cymbeline found out that her mom was turned into a tree 10 years ago. Cymbeline used her mothers spell to turn her back. And her mother saw that her father was turned into a tree and changed him back. The family hugged.

Lina said she hates group hugs and before she used her staff the bratz attacked her and she was chaned into a small tree by Cymbeline's father. Her father decides to take away his pixie side forever.

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