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The Bratz phenomenon Cross Show


Bratz dolls were marketed as Barbie for the image conscious generation. Now, however, it seems old Barbie may have the last laugh, after a US court banned the production of her rival. 


Bratz designer Carter Bryant was found guilty of developing the brand while still working for Barbie creator Mattel. Barbie herself turned 50 last month and is said to be the best-selling toy of all-time.

Barbie VS. Bratz, who is your favorite doll?

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bratz lowrider bike pictures


Check out this "Old School" Style bike, with some modern upgrades. Rock out with the Banana seat, hi-rise handle bars, springer fork, white wall tires, and chrome finish.


  • Price includes the PRINCE 20 Bike Old School Style with 68 Spoke Wheels Beach Cruiser Bike
  • Chrome Finish
  • Some assembly required. Bicycle is shipped mostly assembled, but assembly of seat, handle bars, wheels, and pedals required.
  • Frame: 12" Beach Cruiser Hi-Ten Steel
  • Handle Bar: 12Ó High Rise Steel Chrome
  • Fork: Springer Fork
  • Rim: 20"X1.75" Alloy with 68 Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Seat: Banana Seat
  • Brakes: Coaster Brakes

Bratz Flashback Fever series dolls

Bratz Flashback Fever series dolls





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The Bratz Genie Magic Collection Show

Can you image 167 bratz dolls togeter?


The Bratz dolls are one of the most popular fashion dolls on the market today. With a wide range of styles, looks and personalities, these dolls range from the modern princesses to the sportive dolls and, at the same time, they worry parents regarding the apparent message that they are promoting. One of the new releases of the Bratz series, which also presents a lot of success, is the Bratz Genie Magic Doll. Basically, this Bratz genie magic doll is a modern fortuneteller that has genie equipment such as a glass ball, a genie outfit and plenty of jewelry, just like an original genie from the Arabian and Indian old fairytales.

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Bratz Playset Salon N Spa



The Bratz Salon N Spa Playset has a retail price range of about $49.99. It includes Dana, a new Bratz character, who is pictured above. Dana comes with a Towel, Robe, 2-Piece Spa Outfit, and Snap-On Salon Slippers.

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Bratz Leora, Liliana and Carrie dolls for Bratz 10th Anniversary

New Bratz dolls introduction:

Bratz 10th Anniversary Leora, Liliana, and Carrie dolls!

Video on

want to know more about our bratz doll Liliana, look here.

How many bratz dolls have been sold all world?


How many bratz dolls have been sold all world?

Bratz doll has become one of the top selling dolls in the world and has won many toy industry awards. Over 100 million dolls have been sold to date.125 million were sold worldwide in 2005, global sales of Bratz and Bratz products.

so now, 2013 bratz dolls have been sold maybe over 300 million.

bratz play sportz dolls and graphics

A collection of Bratz play sportz dolls, scoccer, skating, fitness, tennis…, hope girls enjoy these.

Bratz Play Sportz Teamz Soccer- Roxxi & Cloe


BRATZ Play Sportz Skiing Yasmin Doll


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Bratz sasha deviantart

bratz-sasha-deviantart-1 bratz-sasha-deviantart-2 bratz-sasha-deviantart-3