Bratz Sasha Detail Introduction


bratz-sasha-introductionNick Name: Bunny Boo
Lucky Number: 3
Fave Color: Red-Violet
Fave Movies: Edgy Comedies
Fave Books: Biographies of successful people
Fave Food: Power Bars
Fave Smoothie: Blueberry
Fave Music: Hip-Hop, Beyonce, J Lo
Fave Class: Dance (What else?)
Fashion Passion: My style comes from the street, old school and new funk

Shoppin' Style: Lookin out for styles to suit all my friends

Sasha is not afraid of confrontation. She knows who she is, what she wants and how to get it! Fashion is a huge part of Sasha's life, but music is even more important to 'Bunny Boo'. Someday you can be sure Sasha will be a record producer with her own fashion line!

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