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Bratz Rock Angelz

Bratz Rock Angelz is a movie released in 2005. It follows Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin as they set up their own fashion magazine and travel to London.

Rock Angelz is based on the popular Bratz fashion doll line. This is the first Bratz game published by THQ. It is based on the direct-to-DVD movie and the collection with the same name. Since the release, it has 1.4 million sold copies.

Bratz Rock Angelz Description

  • You get the chance to live the life of a Rock Angel as you help Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin start their own fashion magazine.
  • The search for the perfect scoop will take you around the globe, where famous places and famous people make for amazing adventures.

Bratz Rock Angelz Features:

  • Adventure through Bratz City and London as you make a success of your fashion magazine
  • Play as all four Bratz girls (Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Jasmin)
  • Freely explore Bratz City and hang out with people you meet along the way
  • Enter the Bratz: Rock Angelz room makeover sweepstakes
  • Bratz Rock Angelz Product Description
  • Based on the upcoming Bratz Rock Angelz doll line and hi-stylin CGI home video, the Bratz: Rock Angelz videogame is packed with tons of adventures that not only take the Bratz girls to London and Paris, but to the height of fashion and music super stardom as well. After Jade gets fired from a summer internship at Your Thing Magazine, the Bratz girls decide to start their own magazine. The search for the perfect scoop takes the girls around the globe, where famous places and famous people make for an amazing adventure.

 Bratz Rock Angelz full movies online 

Bratz rock angelz Full movie! – YouTube ,you can find related bratz wallpapers here:Bratz Rock Angelz wallpaper 1024×768

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