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Bratz Meygana

Bratzillaz "Meygana Broomstix" Doll by MGA Entertainment


Nick Name: Funky Fashion Monkey
Lucky Number: 19
Fave Color: Cinnamon
Fave Movies: Animated Movies
Fave Books: Spy novels
Fave Food: Barbecued Anything!
Fave Smoothie: Peach
Fave Music: Classical
Fave Class: Yoga class (after school!)

Fashion Passion: Sprucin'up a hum-drum outfit with a touch of the exotic like an animal print scarf or boots
Shoppin' Style: I love to travel and pick up new pieces from different places

Bratz Meygan is always on the hunt for a new adventure, whether it's traveling to a new land or trying out something new right here at home! Meygan keeps in touch with all the friends she has made while traveling, and they help Meygan keep up with the latest exotic chic trends!

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