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Bratz kidz sleepover adventure movie introduction

Topics: Bratz kidz sleepover adventure
Studio: Lionsgate
Director: Sean McNamara
Cast: Cherilynn Fullbright, Dorla Bell, Nicole Munoz
Genre: Family and Kids
Run time: 72 minutes
DVD release date: July 31, 2007
MPAA rating: G

Bratz kidz sleepover adventure movie details:

What's the story?

There's a new girl in town! As a way of getting acquainted, Ginger and her parents invite the Bratz kids for a sleepover. But at bedtime, instead of going to sleep, Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, and Megan tell Ginger scary stories. We follow each girl on an imaginary adventure designed to frighten the little girl in grand sleepover tradition. It's a night of talking dogs, a spooky amusement park, monsters, clowns, and wild rides.

This bratz kidz movie right for little kids?

A few humorous situations, a funny bad-mouth "insult dog," and some off-beat, twisted non-resolutions, may appeal to older kids and teens. But for the intended audience — toy-buying little girls — SLEEPOVER ADVENTURES may be too scary and too sophisticated. And an underlying message is that parents are gullible, unseeing, and powerless.

Finally, the premise of making a new friend and making her feel welcome is quickly forgotten after a night of terrifying her and forcing her to disobey her family's rules. It's doubtful that Ginger would ever want to see any of these Kidz again!


bratz are the best

I think its so much better than barbies because i am a 100% sure. barbies suck and i bet u know it bratz have got the fashion and has a great moral art the end of the show so u should prefer bratz.
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