Bratz Cloe girl- Skyler Shaye

In Bratz: the Movie, Skyler Shaye act as the bratz Cloe.


Skyler Anna Shaye (born October 14, 1986) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Cloe in Bratz: The Movie.She then went on to work in film and television. She had a recurring role on the remake of the old Family Affair for the Warner Brother’s Network. She then appeared in the HBO movie Manhood. After that she guest starred in the pilot of Grey’s Anatomy called “A Hard Day’s Night”. She also guest starred on Criminal Minds and Veronica Mars.

Q. How similar are you to your characters in real life?

Skyler Shaye: I’m nothing like mine. I look back and watch my performance sometimes and I’m like: “How did I come up with that expression on my face?” Cloe is not a very controlled personality. But I’m very athletic, so we have that in common, and my mother is my best friend. She’s very close to her mother.

Q. How was working with Jon Voight?

Skyler Shaye: For myself, Jon has always given me advice throughout my whole life. He’s more than a godfather to me. He’s been like a father to me. He also directed me when I was a little girl for his directorial debut [The Tin Soldier]. He’s different when we work together on the set, obviously, because we’re actors. I often find myself asking: “Are you my godfather?” He’s really professional – before he even gets on set, when you go to his house five weeks before production he’s in character. He’s very inspiring, very funny and he loves improv. It’s an honour to be able to work with my godfather.

Q. The movie also explores the notion of role models. Who are your icons?

Skyler Shaye: My family. But if you’re talking about people in the public eye, I looked up to Kate Winslet after seeing Titanic.

Q. Given the role of the dog in the movie, do you have a favourite animal or a dream pet?

Skyler Shaye: I love dogs. I have a little peekachoo at home. I also love horses. At one point, I had seven dogs. Eventually we had to give one to our friends.

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