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Bratz Love Is in the Air!Valentine’s Day Stories from the Bratz

Bratz Love Is in the Air!: Valentine's Day Stories from the Bratz

Bratz Love Is in the Air! is a bratz book.

The first story is about Yasmin and her favorite Valentine's Day(V-Day) moment. Cloe is having a big party for V-Day and everyone is excited. When the party gets cancelled Yasmin and her friends find a way to make their V-Day different than no other. This story also comes with instructions on how to make Funky-Fresh Barrettes.

The next story is about Cloe's fav V-Day moment. Every girl at school got a red carnation from their secret admirers. Every girl except Cloe. Cloe tries to find a way to have a great V-Day without a secert cutie. Also comes with instructions on how to make a purse.

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Bratz Book: A Guide to Totally Hot Shoppin’


Bratz Holiday Shoppin’ Spree: A Guide to Totally Hot Shoppin’ [Mass Market Paperback]

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Rock Angelz: Ready to Rock! (Bratz)

bratz rock

The Bratz are ready to rock your world! The Bratz Rock Angelz collection brings you the Bratz girls at their best, setting the bar for music trends as well as fashion trends. Of course, the Bratz girls are always at the top when it comes to fashion, making theBratz Rock Angelz the best-dressed musicians around. They are ready to take the stage and rule the spotlight!

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Bratz The Troubles Chapter 8 “He Shoots, He Scores!”

Chapter 8 "He Shoots, He Scores!"

The wind, blowing this his hair, it was a bright and sunny day. Koby was driving over to Jade's house for their 2 week anniversary with gifts galore in his trunk. He parked in her driveway and carried all of the gifts up to her door.

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Bratz The Troubles Chapter 7 “Not So Friendly”

Chapter 7 "Not So Friendly"

Monday morning, the dreaded day of the week. Although everybody else was normally drousy and unhappy, Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin were excited. Monday morning ment getting to see their boyfriends, and getting to show off their fabulous outfits. In walked Cloe, holding hands with Cameron. Cloe was wearing a black top, with puffed short sleeves, it had white lining and a white belt around her waist, with tie dye jeans, dark and light blue, with black boots and a shiny silver necklace with a heart, her hair had been curled that day.

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Bratz The Troubles Chapter 6 “Close To Nothing”

Chapter 6 "Close To Nothing"

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm so happy about this." Cloe said to Cameron, Dylan, Koby, Jade, Eric, and Yasmin.

"I am too, it was a great descion to get the blue heels instead of the brown." Jade said, admiring how the heels highlighted her freshly painted toe nails.

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Bratz The Troubles Chapter 5 “All Hell Breaks Loose”

Chapter 5 "All Hell Breaks Loose"

It was Monday morning, there was a 40% chance of snow as 2 girls stepped out of a silver Bentley. The first girl to step out was Cloe. She had her hair straightened, with a white T'shirt on, and a purple jacket, with blue lining on jeans were a blue base with purple checkers on them. She had on 3 inch purple boots as well.

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Bratz The Troubles Chapter 4 “Sleepover”

Chapter 4 “Sleepover”

When the girls decided to change in the bathroom so the boys didn’t get too aroused. Out stepped Cloe in her black and white checkered long pajamas with pink lining. She tied her hair into pigtails and took her rightful place next to Cameron in their sleeping bags. Then Jade came out, she was wearing a long tank top that was gray and white striped with red and white polka dots on the bottom.

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Bratz The Troubles Chapter 3 “The Party”

Chapter 3 “The Party”

“Did you see him?” Asked Yasmin when Jade came back.

“Oh uhm, he was with some guys.” Jade replied, trying to come up with something. Just then someone wrapped their arms around Jade’s waist. She twirled around to see Koby was standing there. He placed his hands on her ass, and started kissing her neck passionetly.

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Bratz The Troubles Chapter 2 “Ruined”

Chapter 2 “Ruined”

After school Cloe jetted down the steps in front of the school, the wind blowing her hair out of her face, making her look even more gorgeous then before. In front of the school was Cameron, her boyfriend of 3 years. Cameron was leaning against his yellow mustang with black rims, waiting for her. Cameron had waving blonde hair, and aqua blue eyes. Cloe was absoutley in love with him. Cameron uncrossed his arms when he saw her and picked her up, twirling her around in the air.

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