Bratz babyz fish tank game how to play help



Bratz babyz fish tank game is one of the most popular bratz games, how to play this game? here we see the bratz babyz fish tank help:

you will have lots of fum with your fishy friends if you fee them and keep them healthy. they are bratz fish, so of couse they like to be in fashion-surround them with funky tank decorations you can pick our yourself.

when you are ready to mix it up, use the fish mix to make new fish-you will see some crazy combos. And don't forget to sell some fish so you will have plenty of cash to keep you fish in style.

bratz babyz fish tank – the game for girls with a passion for fashion…and fish!

Care and feeding
Check up on each fish often. Click a fish to see its status.

It is perfectly healthy and well fed, you'll see health and fed all full.
otherwise, if it is sick and hungry, you will see not full.

Feed your fish by dragging a food shaker to the tank, this will feed all the fish in that tank. if you have fish in more than one tank, put food in each tank. You will need to feed your fish about once a day when your game speed is set to Medium. if you buy the deluxe or super deluxe food available in supplies, you can feed them less often.

Click button BUY SUPPLIES to shop for special foods or medichines to cure sick fish. You can help prevent fish from getting diseases by keeping the water in your tank clean and about 80 degrees.

If a fish has turned gray and is floating at the top of the tank. it's no longer alive. click the fish, then click the button closetool to remove it from your fish tank.

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