Bratz babyz fish tank game guide,how do you let the fish make a baby?


How to let the fish make a baby

Bratz babyz fish tank game is a very popular bratz games. Many girls like it and play it on You can play it here.

Some girls don't know how to let the fish make a baby.


On bratz babyz fish tank game,it is very simple to make fish baby. In the bottem right hand corner there will be two tanks ( three if you bought the extra one). The tank farthest to the right will say fish mix on it. first drag one of the fish you want to breed into the tank. Then, drag the other fish you want to breed into the tank. They will both pop back into the first tank. If you look in the fish mix tank there should be some gold speres. Those gold spears are fish eggs. The fish eggs should probley take about a minute or two, depending on howfast or slow your settings are. The baby fish should pop upin the first tank and you will need to feed them. They will have something in commen with both of the fish that went in the fish mix tank. Sometimes, there will be a fish with someing in commen with only one of the fish. 

You can see full instruction here:Bratz babyz fish tank game how to play help

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