Bratz fashion pixiez Movie and song tracking


Bratz fashion pixiez Roles:

Cymbeline, Cloe, and Yasmin, Sasha, Breeana(Bratz Fashion Pixiez Sasha,Breeana character in the movie Bratz Fashion Pixiez )


Fashion Pixiez is the fourth album released from the wildly popular Bratz doll franchise. It features songs from the Bratz's feature film Fashion Pixiez and the Bratz TV series. you can see bratz movie list here:bratz movies list in order.

Bratz fashion pixiez introduction:

On the eve of the Magnolia Ball, there's a new girl in school: Lina is beautiful (with typical Bratz girl makeup, fashion, and curves), strange, and secretive. And at the very same time, maybe not by accident, Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin are worried about their good friend Cymbeline, who has changed suddenly into a spoiled, pouty mean girl. Cymbeline's little sister Breanna is upset; Yasmin and Cloe want to help. Two by two, the Bratz are transported into a magical world inhabited by pixies from "the dark side," unsettling garden gnomes which come to life, evil spells, and black magic. It's an eerie mystery during which Lina's strange origins and her quest for power spell danger for all of them. The Bratz friends must work together to save Cymbeline, Breanna, and finally themselves.

Bratz fashion pixiez Review:

The confusing story, grating electronic music, and dialogue which tries way too hard for hip and cool are offensive in this movie even by Bratz standards. Too many characters, plot elements, and disturbing action scenes make an almost incoherent plot even worse than it might have been.

Bratz movies are popular; some girls and tweens love them, but it appears that the producers take advantage of this fact and make films as cheaply and with as little thought as possible. In the case of Bratz: Fashion Pixiez mean girls rule, logic is in small supply, and no one worries about how scary or upsetting it may be to kids.

Song Tracklisting:(All songs are written by Matthew Gerrard)

#    Title    Time
1.    "We’re Gonna Rock" (Performed by Cloe)    2:38
2.    "One Of A Kind" (Performed by Sasha)    3:21
3.    "The Groove" (Performed by Yasmin and Sasha)    3:02
4.    "Ready To Roll" (Performed by Cloe)    2:33
5.    "Gettin’ It Right(Performed by Sasha)    3:55
6.    "Look Closer" (Performed by Yasmin)    3:17
7.    "We Can" (Performed by Yasmin and Sasha)    2:52
8.    "I’ve Got Your Back" (Performed by Sasha)    2:54
9.    "Strong Enough" (Performed by Cloe)    2:32
10.    "It’s A Girl Thing" (Performed by Sasha)    2:50
11.    "Workin’ Overtime" (Performed by Jade)    2:46
12.    "I Won’t Stop" (Performed by Jade)    2:46
13.    "Who Dunnit" (Performed by Sasha)    2:43
14.    "Just Let Go Now" (Performed by Jade)    2:57

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